January 16, 2022


There are hundreds of different car models out there yet at the drop of a hat many people I know could only name a tiny percentage of that, a couple of Ford here, a couple of Volkswagens there, throw in a few Audis and BMW’s, a Vauxhall or two and then people start to struggle.

But if you are out there looking to buy, there a so many cars that are worth knowing about, that aren’t household names. I mean have you ever considered a second hand Ssangyong Rexton? Okay, we’re joking, don’t consider that. On a serious not though, have you ever considered a Dacia? Whilst not exactly a house hold name, this brand is growing purely based on that fact that they are so cheap to buy, yet they get great ratings and reviews across the board.

Another brand you may not have heard of is Infiniti which have a number of good cars on offer including the Infiniti Q50 which is in my opinion one of the nicest looking cars on the market today.